Karina Stephens

Holistic Lifestyle Junkie and Modern Day Alchemist

Karina Stephens

Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary

Hi, I’m Karina Stephens; Modern Day Alchemist, Soulpreneur, and Holistic Lifestyle Junkie.

If you are serious about making a difference in this world, if you know deep inside your being you are called to something even greater than what your living now and if you are done doing life and business the hard way, then come spend some time with me.

It’s here where ‘slow down’ are not dirty words. In fact ‘slow’ is the new ‘ASAP’. ‘Effortless’ doesn’t mean ‘no effort’, it’s just that it feels that way and that’s what matters. Oh and going deep means working on our shit so that we can get over ourselves and get on with doing what we came here to do.

So here in my sacred cyber space I’m going to riff on all things related to being a soulpreneur and conscious leader. I’ll share my luuuvvv of living a holistic lifestyle where longevity is my passion. I’ll invite you into my virtual retreats and show you how you can call forth alchemy and miracles and release your inner modern day alchemist. And we’ll also go deep and get real about transforming the trash of our lives into treasure.

The effortless life

When you’re done with doing life and business the hard way then come on over here and hang with me.  Life is about to go to a whole new level.

“The issue isn’t GO MAKE IT HAPPEN, the issue is putting YOURSELF IN ALIGNMENT with the state of creative consciousness”
Marianne Williamson. 

Stressless Revolution

When you are ready to ditch the stress, struggle and fatigue and start getting serious about your divine purpose then you need to start a StressLess Revolution. Live your best life without getting burnt out, stressed out, maxed out and checked out.

Here is where The Effortless Life all comes together, in a virtual retreat sacred space that will lead you step by step into feeling and looking more alive than you’ve ever felt, and having a thriving life that feels like there is no effort required, just pure ease and joy.


Here’s a selection of what you’ll find inside

How to transfer the trash of your life into treasure

Recipe demos and classes

Get your FREE Effortless lifestarter kit

Meditations and guided visualization

Virtual lifestyle and wellness retreats

Get access to Karina’s ‘Effortless Life’ starter kit, It’s free and its coming your way now!

Go slower than you’ve ever gone, in order to go deeper than you’ve ever been, so that you can shine brighter than you’ve ever shone.

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