RetreatMe ( 2 monthly payments )

USD 49.00 / month for 2 months

SEVEN RETREATS for the price of one!

While you are sitting in the comfort of your own home, you get to journey through the rooms, listening to the guided meditations, watching the speakers, partaking in the yoga, and learning how to be an alchemist in the kitchen

You get insider access to life-changing information, recipes for longevity and exercises for rejuvenation. It’s all here: all you have to do is show up any time you want;


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You get 7 online retreats all designed to help you slow down and begin to take control back into your life.

Each retreat includes an informational video on topics such as stress management, health and wellness, or longevity. A guided visualisation meditation, a yoga session and a video in the Alchemist kitchen cooking up some amazing medicinal mushroom and superfood recipes.

The retreats are all contained in the Alchemist Academy online transformational learning portal. Ready for you to start right away. You get access to them for the lifetime of the website 24/7.

It’s time to give chronic stress the boot and begin to live the life you dream of.