Holistic Lifestyle Junkie and Modern Day Alchemist

Who is Karina Joy?


a modern day alchemist, a doer, a seer, a lover of animals, a crazy mad entrepreneur, an advocate of all things to do with holistic health and wellbeing, a potion brewing nut and a big fat spiritual mama.

i believe we are all destined for greatness and it is up to us how that plays out. You can let life beat the crap out of you day in day out or you can be the phoenix you know deep down you want to be and rise above it. I believe you can be the victim or you can be the winner and it DOESN’T matter where you come from, we are all created from the same source.

i think if we have our health we can be rock stars, so living an active healthy conscious lifestyle is a no-brainer. But there are levels of wellness so why not aim for being the most delectable, fascinating, magical, tantalizing version of yourself possible.

oh and ditch that crappy belief that you have to become decrepit and old as we age. I visualise a world full of women in their 50’s, 60’s 70’s and beyond getting there Tina Turner on and turning back time channelling Cher.

My Life Rituals

There are a few things I do in the day that contribute to living an effortless life. The following rituals are non-negotiables for me.

Conscious Connection

This is where I align with the divine so that the highest manifestation of myself comes forth.


It’s all about superhero smoothies and the elixirs of life – The secret to longevity is right here.

Reflection time

I’m a mermaid; I don’t like to skim the surface of life so I go deep and its there where the alchemy happens.


I listen to my body, if it needs to nourish I do more Yin activities; if I need to sweat I do more yang activities. It’s all about connecting within.

Connect with Nature

Nature is my church, my sanctuary; it is here I go at the slowest part of me.

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