Wanna live an Effortless Life?

(Well, its not that there is ‘no effort’, its just that it feels that way and that’s what matters right?)

My effortless life starter kit is the biggest freebie I’ve created and it is jam packed with things that make you go Mmmmm and Ahhhhh and Ohhhhh. (In a rated G kind of way of course)

In this kit you’ll get my most popular programs including the Journey into Meditation audio training and the enChanted Life Mini Retreat video series. All designed to help you start living an Effortless Life and creating an effortless business for yourself.

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The Effortless Life Starter Kit

A Journey into Meditation

This meditation program is designed to get you started in a practice of meditation or deepen your existing practice. It covers different types of meditations and guided visualisations so that you can find just the one you love. Delivered over four weeks so that you have time to practice all of the styles and techniques and see which one you love the best.

The enChanted Life Mini Retreat

Is your life busy, hectic, and drama filled? Is it a struggle, and strain to achieve your dreams? Do you go to bed exhausted and long for a holiday to escape?

If you answered YES to any of the above then this mini retreat is just for you. You will learn the 3 secrets to living an enChanted life and how I personally went from burnt out to thriving.