In episode 15 we have a conscious conversation with Toni-Anne Campbell. Toni is a Psychologist and Spiritual Success Coach and has a business called Under the Bodhi Tree, helping women to create the wealth and success that they love.

We talk about

  • Discerning the soul voice from the ego
  • Following the voice of the soul and living your highest truth
  • Masculine and Feminine energy in business and how to lead with the heart
  • The Patriarchy system and the effect it has on us
  • How to find a pause in your day to shift into a different energy system
  • How to activate yourself and be on purpose with the life you lead
  • Doing the inner work in order to get to the truth of who you are
  • Transforming your story into your medicine
  • Unleashing your individual potential so that we can unleash our collective potential
  • How to live so that your children see you breaking the paradigm
  • Getting into alignment with your true purpose
  • Being an unapologetic rule breaker
  • What success means

Toni-Anne is the founder of the Spiritual Success Revolution, How to Create Massive Wealth Through Activation of Your Sacred Gifts and Soul Mission.

In this no-charge interview series where you’ll walk away with practical strategies and inspiration for identifying your sacred gifts and soul’s purpose… and then allowing yourself to receive money and wealth from work that uses those gifts and aligns with that purpose.

Join us starting Sept 16th PST 2019 by reserving your complimentary spot https://www.spiritualsuccessrevolution.com/KarinaS

Toni-Anne can be found at https://www.underthebodhitree.life/

You can listen to the full episode here or jump on over to your favourite platform and look for Unleashed – Living in the Zone

Many Blessings,