What’s your Energetic Signature?

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Take the Free Masterclass and learn how to analyse your energetic signature and then learn how to change it in order to transform any area of your life.

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It’s all about uncovering your own unique

Energetic Signature

because when you do that, you know exactly how to change any part of your life.

In 2012, I was diagnosed with stage 2 Adrenal Fatigue. I say that I contracted BOSOMOCO. I was literally burnt out, stressed out, maxed out and checked out.

Throughout my healing process I delved into every kind of natural healing modality I could find. I changed my diet, my exercise, my beliefs and values. I studied Shamanism, Energy Medicine and Alchemy. I started consuming medicinal mushrooms, went on 10-day detoxes and had colonic irrigation. You name it, I’ve probably done it.

What I came to realise was that what I was doing was essentially changing my energy because, in essence, when you change your energy, you change your life.

Energy is always moving, that movement is called vibration and frequency is the rate at which it vibrates. When frequencies match with intensity we get resonance.

That’s when things begin to flow, where synchronicity dances with serendipity.

I realised there are 5 key pillars for analysing our energetic signatures.

Just as in a physical signature we have an energetic signature as well. It’s the invisible signature that determines how we show up in the world. It includes our personality and ego, our Qi or life force, our personal vibration and our soul expression.

Once you know how to analyse your unique energetic signature then you know how to tune it. When I did this, I was able to bust through:

  • Doubts that I had in being able to make my dreams happen
  • Fears that would keep me up at night about things like money and health
  • Lack of confidence in certain areas of my career
  • And lack of clarity in certain areas of my vision

It gave to me:

  • Absolute certainty that my dreams were not only doable, but I was going to crush it
  • Faith that no matter what happens it will all be okay
  • Confidence in my ability as a business owner and manager, and all-round superhero
  • Massive clarity in where I was going and the next steps forward

The way I changed my signature was to change my energy by working on 5 key pillars of life.

Interested in finding out what these 5 key pillars are?

I know you are, so I created a Masterclass that steps you through the exact process I used to change my energy and come back from burnout, totally transform my health and take my business to the next level.

What you Get!

What you get:
  • A Masterclass which takes you step by step through the whole analysis process
  • A fully transcribed and really pretty guidebook, cos that’s important
  • A workbook to accompany the Masterclass which steps you through a process for analysing your energetic signature

After this masterclass you will be able to understand what your energetic signature looks like and how to tune it so that you can move forward with the brakes off in any direction you want to go with massive momentum and passion.

So, are you ready to step fully
into your energetic power?

Then let’s start this journey together. It’s my gift to you just because you are awesome. xox