So, you have an online business or presence to market your business. You create amazing products or services which you spend your invaluable time dreaming up and creating. You care so much for others and believe 100% that what you do can be so beneficial to your tribe. You 100% rock with your gifts and talents. You are living your purpose.

Yet how many times do you ask yourself, why the hell am I not getting the results I want?

  • You sometimes feel invisible to the online world.
  • You put all your amazing stuff out there and get total silence back.
  • You offer a webinar and get 2 signups, one of which is your BFF.
  • You labour long and hard over your newsletter only to get a 2% open rate.
  • You post, share, like, and comment like a mofo and get zero in return.
  • You spend hours creating social media posts that get sucked into a digital void, never to be seen again.
  • You get game enough to try Facebook lives or video but only your mother watches.

I’m feelin ya friend. 

After selling a successful Internationally award-winning wellness spa and retreat in 2013, I decided to go completely online. Live the dream, work from anywhere in the world, laptop entrepreneur. 

I was going to take the concept of my retreat and put it completely online.

I got busy…

  • Wrote a book and got it published
  • Set up my website
  • Created all my online profiles
  • Designed a freebie
  • Set up an opt in to capture emails and set up my shopping cart.

I thought “This is it! I have my next business adventure. Let the money roll in, baby!”

6 Months later…. NOTHIN!!!!

I was working harder than I was in my brick and mortar spa.  I was up to all hours writing newsletters. I was posting inspirational memes from my book on Facebook and Instagram.

I was doing all the things they tell you to do in the 101 online courses that I watched on how to market online… how to sell online, how to reach more people online, how to create a winning funnel online, how to write irresistible copy, how to write email headings, how to, how to, how to….

What the hell was going on? 

I had a few sales of my book over the course of 6 months. A few people signed up to my email list and I found a few more followers on social media and that was it. All that work for a few signs up. UGH!

Then it happened!!!!

One day, whilst sitting down trying to crack the Instagram algorithm, I had an epiphany. Why the bageezuz hadn’t you thought of this before, Karina?

You see I had been studying Energy for years. Ever since I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Adrenal Fatigue and contracted BOSOMOCO, meaning I was literally Burnt Out, Stressed Out, Maxed Out and Checked Out. Oddly enough, that was the subject of my book.

I had learnt how to change my energy, increase my frequency and heal myself from my illness. I learnt that EVERYTHING is ENERGY. If we want to manifest something, we just have to change our energy to match the energy of our desires. 

I discovered that I had an energetic signature and if I felt stuck in any area of my life, I just had to alter that signature and it released my blockages.

So, if I could do this with my own energy and if everything in life is energy just vibrating at a different frequency, then could I apply these natural universal laws to my business?

The answer was absofuckinglutely I could. 

Over the next 5-6 years, I became my own human experiment. I honed my skills by visiting ancient alchemists, studying with shamans, and meditating till the cows came home. 

The end result?

A series of practices, tools, and principles, that when applied in your daily life, can literally cause you to become so magnetic that it doesn’t matter if people are not in your physical presence. They will be drawn to your energy over the wifi waves and into your frequency.

This revelation was so mind blowing to me. I was getting off on the actual science behind everything I was applying and seeing it turn into reality. 

What this meant was that I could now become seen, heard and felt in an online world in a much, much larger way than before. 

If you have a dream to take you gift that you love to share with others. If you have the courage to create something that you can offer to the world and if you have the tenacity to turn that something into a business, then in my books, you are a bloody legend. 

As an online entrepreneur, you have the power to positively affect lives on a massive scale if that is what you wish. As someone who markets online, you have the capability to make a deep connection with someone in any part of the world, whose life can be changed forever by what you offer.

Being an entrepreneur is about freedom. It provides a platform for you to live your purpose and for your destiny to unfold providing you with abundance. It’s about Affluence, Influence and Impact, my friend. 

It shouldn’t be something that sucks the life out of you. It shouldn’t be a financial strain. It should not take you from your loved ones and be a burden. 

I have broken it down into 7 easy steps that you can apply in your daily life and packaged it up in a really pretty PDF (cos that’s what we do), so that you can print it out and keep it right beside your desk.

If you would love my “7 Steps to Becoming on Online Magnet” then simply hit the download button and receive my FREE PDF Guidebook. It’s my 6 years of research, boiled down to a few pages that can hopefully save you all those years and give you back your life.


It is my gift to you dear friend because you deserve it.

Oh big heads up!!

I am also creating a FREE webinar so that we can all get together and do a deep dive on the “7 Steps to Becoming an Online Magnet” and I would love your input on what are the biggest issues for you when it comes to your online business or online presence.

If you could take 60 seconds out of your day to answer a couple of questions so that I can address them directly in the webinar, I sure would appreciate it.

Sure, I would love to help out

Many Blessings,