Removing stress when it comes to making life-changing decisions

March 09, 2015

A meditation for removing stress and creating certainty when making life-changing decisions.



When it comes to making life-changing decisions do you stress out for days or months over what to choose?

If you do then this weeks video is a must see because it is all about how to lose the stress and create certainty around what to do.

When it came to deciding to walk away from my award winning business and move into another direction I agonised for months over what was the right decision.

My head kept calling me a quitter and I would feel guilty for having spent so much money and so many hours creating a new business. Yet my heart was leading me towards something new which was to start again completely.

If you have ever faced a decision in your life where you had to choose this or that, stay or go then you will relate to this. The ego try’s to keep us small and limited, we let fear and confusion have a voice when all we really need to do is listen in to our body.

Our body never lies and when we ask for advice it will provide us the divine answer.

In this video I share a meditation for tuning into our chakra’s and listening for the answer we need for that life-changing question.

It is the process I used when deciding to say goodbye to enRich Retreat & Spa and step into my divine purpose.

I hope you enjoy this practice and make it a regular process when having to make those big decisions.




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