Learn how to tap into your inner wisdom

November 24, 2014


As a woman I want to embrace everything that makes me feel feminine and I mean everything. I want to know what makes me tick and how I can become more of who I am.


When we get to know ourselves our inner wisdom is enhanced. We understand the still small whisper and we realise who is actually communicating with us.


In order to do this we need to be in the ‘Now’ moment. To lose the ‘ego’ and be in our bodies. For me, one of the places I go is my bath. My intention is to ask a question and wait for a response. I do this with no judgement, no shame, no guilt, only healing energy.


Where do you go to be with yourself, to get to know yourself? What questions do you ask? What does your intuition say to you?


In this weeks video we look at a process for really getting to know our self on a deeper level and having a soul conversation. Its part of the going slower in order to go deeper and it will always help you to get to where you need to be faster.


If you are looking for more ways to slow down and amp up your intuition then sign up for the Pace of Grace free gifts. They include an easy as meditation program, an invitation to 21 days of gratitude, a short program on how to detox your medicine cabinet and the beautiful little ebook: Ancient wisdom for living a StressLess life in today’s wild, crazy world.

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