I have a passion for entrepreneurship and a deep connection to sisterpreneurs who are living the journey of owning their own mini empire.

I believe it takes a certain kind of person to make the leap into being their own boss and then it takes that person to uncover layers of themselves to become a conscious entrepreneur.

One who believes that what they do is for a bigger reason than just making money and selling goods and services. One who feels a responsibility to contribute to the healing of the planet by doing what they love and following the call of their divine mission and purpose.

When I made the leap of having a mini empire of my own in 1998 one of my mentors was Anita Roddick who started the Body shop. She inspired me because she had a voice which she used unapologetically to alleviate suffering.

She wrote a book titled: Business as Usual – The journey of Anita Roddick and the Body Shop and in this book, she wrote 10 qualities that she believed entrepreneurs possessed. When I read her words, I’m like, ‘That is me to a T’, she gets me, and I belong to a tribe of others who feel the same way’.

I was recently prompted to find her book and type them out and share them with you. So here are her to 10 qualities of an entrepreneur.

Anita Roddick – Being an Entrepreneur

  1. The vision of something new and a belief in it that’s so strong that it becomes a reality. Vision-making is also obsessive, a type of psychopathology. It is inherently crazy. If you see something new, your vision isn’t shared by others
  2. A touch of craziness. There is a fine line between being an entrepreneur and a crazy person. Crazy people see and feel things that others don’t. An entrepreneur’s dream is often a kind of madness and it is almost isolating.
  3. The ability to stand out from the crowd because entrepreneurs act instinctively on what they see, think, and feel. And remember there is always truth in reactions.
  4. The ability to have ideas constantly bubbling and pushing up inside until they are forced out, like genies from the bottle, by the pressure of creative tension. But all these ideas are nothing of course, unless someone can expedite them, which is where thank God, or the gods, or both, for the people who have the skill.
  5. Pathological optimism. Everything is possible for an entrepreneur. This level of optimism bears no relationship to any degree of planning.
  6. A covert understanding that you don’t have to know how to do something. Skill or money isn’t the answer for the entrepreneur, it is knowledge; from books, observing or asking.
  7. Streetwise skills. Most of the entrepreneurs I’ve met have had an innate desire for social change. They understand that business isn’t just financial science, where profit is the sole arbitrator, it is just as much about taking part in political and social activism, using products as conduits for social change. That gives entrepreneurs enormous freedom to experiment with that they want, but it also makes them dysfunctional in hierarchies and inert structures.
  8. Of course, it’s easy to talk about creativity, but in essence it remains a mystery to me. I have never heard or read anything that explains how people behave creatively, despite the fact that we constantly glory in human creativity. Einstein said: ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’ Dali claimed: ‘You have to systematically create confusion; it sets creativity free.’ Maybe creativity is magic, maybe it’s bestowed by the gods, maybe it is polished opportunism. I just don’t know, and I’ll probably go to my grave not knowing.
  9. The ability to mix all these together, for me, becoming an entrepreneur was a consequence of simply trying to blend the skills I possessed into creating a livelihood. I learned by experience. So, I don’t believe you have to go to college, or study at the feet of some nutty professor of entrepreneurship. I think you have to ask a lot of questions of everyone, and never stop asking questions, and knock on the doors to seek as many different opinions as exist. Then you have to make your own mind up and plough through the furrow.
  10. And finally, every entrepreneur is a great storyteller. It is story-telling that defines your differences.

After reading that do you not feel called to stand up alongside me and declare your craziness to the world? I’m totally singing the lyrics to “I’m a freak, I’m a wierdo” at the moment.

Anita wrote those words in the year 2000. Now, 19 years later I want to add a couple of others to the list as we begin to move into 2020. I believe we have to change the energy of entrepreneurship if we want to make a mark moving forward. We can’t keep going the same way and keep doing the same things if we are to have more impact and influence in the world.

So here are my additions for the new energy of entrepreneurship:

  1. Transformation: A great entrepreneur has the ability to change energy and either attract, transform or create their future needs from their current reality. They can turn something that seems to be their greatest obstacle into their biggest gift.
  2. Co-creating with a higher power: The new generation of entrepreneurs know that in order to be fully expressed in what they do they can’t do it in their own power. A practice of meditation and prayer becomes a ‘must do’ in their day to day activities. They pay attention to their intuition and hone this gift every day.
  3. Self-actualisation: Entrepreneurs know that in order for their business to grow and evolve they must grow and evolve. Their business cannot outgrow them and in order to have more impact and affluence they first have to move past their own limitations and fears. In doing so they shine a light for others to do the same.
  4. Dynetics: The next generation entrepreneur knows how to work in the energies of Dynamic and Magnetic effort. I’ve named it Dynetics. It is combining both the masculine outward energy of push and ‘makin shit happen’ with the more feminine or yin energy of receiving and allowing. This alleviates burnout and makes room for effortless flow and miracles.
  5. Energetics: In ancient alchemy the currency is precious metals. The process was removing dross and turning lead into gold. In modern day alchemy the currency is energy. The process of raising the frequency and vibration of our energy and moving through our blocks and fears into becoming fully expressed awakened humans. Our businesses have an energetic signature as well and the new generation entrepreneur can alter that signature in turn creating a business and a lifestyle that they love and that changes the world.

If you would like to know more about the traits of the new generation entrepreneur then simply download the free eBook, ‘Energy Signatures’.

Don’t forget, as an entrepreneur you have the capability to transform lives, to have massive affluence in your own life and a voice that is heard around the world. You are only limited by yourself. Having a business gives you wings. Believe in yourself and soar high my friend.

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Many Blessings,